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    Bhutan Visa Application

    Visa Application Process normally takes up to Six Weeks. As a licensed Tour Operator, Relish Tours Bhutan will process your "Bhutan Visa" immediately on receipt of the Tour Fund based on the Final Itinerary.

    A copy of the "Bhutan Visa" will be emailed to you as soon as it has been approved. Though, the 'Check-in Counters' of the concerned Airlines would have been provided with a copy of your Visa, it is advisable to carry the copy sent to you. Please follow the process as below:

    1. Please Download Visa Application Form
    2. Please Fill Out the Form in Detail
    3. Please Return the Visa Form as Attachment to our Email: relishtoursbhutan@gmail.com
    4. Please bring 2 Passport Size Photos to present at the Immigration Desk. The Single Entry Visa Fee is USD $40 per person to be paid in Cash on arrival at Paro Airport Terminal Building.


    All visitors to Bhutan must have a visa approved prior to arriving in the Kingdom. Those who have not had a visa approved will not be permitted to board flights to Bhutan. A Single Entry Visa costs US$40 and is stamped in your Passport at Paro Airport during the immigration process. Visas are approved and issued prior to entry, with the pre-payment of your Travel Itinerary. Therefore, visitors to Bhutan need to finalize their Travel Plans well in advance. Recommended minimum 120 days ahead for those coming during High Seasons.

    Important Note

    Please use your Full Name as exactly as it appears on your Passport. It is absolutely imperative that your Druk Air & Bhutan Airlines Tickets have the same name as your Passport & your Visa! The Airlines will not allow you to board even if your name has changed. We must use your complete Passport name to book your Tickets with Druk Air Or Bhutan Airlines. Sorry for this cautionary note.

    1. Full Name in Capitals :
    2. Permanent Address :
    3. Place & Date of Birth:
    4. Nationality :
    5. Passport Number:
    Date of Issue:
    Date of Expiration:
    6. Occupation :
    7. Period for which Visa is required:
    8. Reason for visiting Bhutan: "As Tourist" 9. Name of Tour Agent in Bhutan: Relish Tours Bhutan, Thimphu, Bhutan.

    We eagerly look forward to meeting you in Bhutan very soon and be at your service!!!

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