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    Bhutanese currency is called Ngultrum (pronounced Nultrum). The current exchange rate is Nu.65.00 for one US Dollar. The exchange rate fluctuates from time to time. The Ngultrum is on par with Indian Rupee. Indian Rupee is accepted in Bhutan. US Dollars and other world currencies as well as Traveler's Cheques can be exchanged at Banks in the larger towns and at the larger hotels. Visas, Master & Maestro Cards are accepted at the Banks, Shops and major Hotels.


    All tourists visiting Bhutan through Licensed Tour Companies must be accommodated in 3 Star Hotels. All Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses, Farm Houses where tourists are accommodated are approved by the Bhutan Tourism Council (TCB) to ensure minimum standards and comforts of the visiting guests. Each property is designed in the traditional Bhutanese style, yet each retains its own character and is set in unusual and dramatic locations to provide delightful surprises. Hotel rooms are all decorated in traditional Bhutanese style - many are quite reminiscent of mountain lodges. The rooms are cozy and well heated during the winter. Bathrooms are clean and western in style with running hot water at all times.

    Places of Tourist Interests

    Bhutan currently has 4 zones and 20 Districts, with each districts being unique by itself
    and provide our travellers with new experience.

    Learn more about each districts in Bhutan