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    About Bhutan

    Bhutan is a country where the balance of materialism and spiritualism is maintained to achieve Gross National Happiness. The possible loss of tranquility and happiness is biggest concern with the advancement of uncontrolled modernism. Bhutan, stepping out of its cocoon of isolation, is quite worth every penny as most International Tourists consider it budding cultural destination. Crime is practically fictional. The country recently achieved the distinction of becoming the only non-smoking nation in the world.

    Until the 1970s, the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" locally called "Druk Yul" appeared to be a mythical place on this planet to the outside world. Today, all it takes is a pre-planned and pre-paid package tour through a Government approved Tour Operators like the Relish Bhutan Tours.

    Places of Tourist Interests

    Bhutan currently has 4 zones and 20 Districts, with each districts being unique by itself
    and provide our travellers with new experience.

    Learn more about each districts in Bhutan